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April 21, 2012
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'I've never heard a boy ever say "I love you" to me.' You thought to yourself, walking through the halls of the school, with a depressed look on your face, looking down with a sigh. Your eyes then glance over to Gilbert, who had a big grin on his face, laughing with his friends.

His smile looks so nice… A slight blush runs across your face, then looking away immediately, shaking your head. 'No, no, that wouldn't be love, would it? Just blushing a bit by just looking at a person..


You looked up to realize you have bumped into an American; you stood back, with a worried look on your face. "I-I'm so sorry!" You say, putting a hand at the back of your head, looking away.

"Oh no, it's alright, I should've been watching where I was going!~" He replied, laughing.
You nodded shyly, continuing walking along the hallway, still sighing, wondering what love could be like, how your lover could hold you close, how he would tell you that he would never leave you, how he could… kiss you. You shook your head.

'What a joke.'


The next day, you thought up of a plan to get closer to Gilbert, and start being much more social to each other, talking to him more. It will be easy, won't it? You just walk up to him and just start up a conversation, and everything will be smooth!

'A-Ah… how do I even walk up to him?' You thought with a sigh, looking at Gilbert from a distance, from a wall. 'I guess this will be hard after all… You drooped down.

"Hey, you're in my class right?" Someone asks you.  

You turn around slowly; to see the American you bumped into yesterday. Coincidentally, you
both were in the same class together. You looked back to see Gilbert alone now. It's your chance! But you can't just ditch your classmate here, it would be rude, wouldn't it be? You decide to stay for now, and hope that Gilbert's friends won't come back after having your conversation.

You nodded. "Yeah… that's right."

A smile lit up on his face, holding up the paper, pointing directly to a problem. "Great! Actually, I was hoping that you understood this part of the problem on Number 10, I just can't seem to understand it!" He says, scratching the back of his head.

You study the paper, and pointed to the answer.  "That problem? Oh, yes, it was an easy one, I got B!" You say with a slight chuckle, then turning around again, but saw that Gilbert's friends came back. You just missed you chance, and it's all that American's fault. You grumbled.

"Thanks!~ I really owe you one. I never got your name actually, what is it? I'm Alfred, the hero as you may call me. You may heard my reputation maybe, for saving a cat from a tree once! I was on the school newspaper for that one!" He says, laughing.

You blink, not really recalling him as a hero. He just kept you from your chance of being friends with Gilbert. But, did you really love Gilbert? Sure he's cute, but it just doesn't feel right…

"I'm _____." You finally replied to him.


Another day has come, and this time you were determined to talk to Gilbert, no matter what! Maybe you could just camouflage with his friends and just go along with the conversation, it sounds like a good plan! And this time, you won't let that American in your way, no matter what!

And so, you were walking along to the school, and your eyes look over to Gilbert that was alone, a bonus! You didn't even have to do much! You looked around, no Alfred here. You smile, running up to him with excitement, tapping him on the shoulder.


The Prussian turns around to see you as he waves.  "Oh, ____, am I right?" He says, blinking.

You nodded with a smile. "Yes, that's right, it's nice to meet you! Ah… such a nice morning isn't it?" You ask him, trying to start off a good conversation.

"Oh yes, my Gilbird actually woke me up and kept saying 'Piyo! Piyo! Piyo!' Man, it was annoying; I actually wanted to throw him out the window!" He says with a sigh, scratching the back of his head.

"Ah really, is that so?" You say with a slight chuckle. You two continued off your conversation with smiles on your faces. You finally got your chance.

Alfred arrives at the scene to see the two of you talking. He looks away with an anguish face, looking a bit jealous of the two of you.


A few weeks came by and you were wondering if you should possibly... confess your love to
Gilbert? You blushed slightly; just thinking about it makes you feel so embarrassed! Just seeing his smile everyday makes you feel so happy.

It still doesn't feel right to you.

But, of course you like him, right? Well, that settles it; you were determined to confess to him today as you peeked over the wall, seeing that Gilbert was alone. You smiled, seeing your chance.

It could be your chance of finally a guy that will say "I love you".

Your eyes widen, your heart pounding, walking up to him, looking a bit nervous, pulling him to the side. Gilbert was being pulled over, with a confused look on his face, why he was pulled over.

"G-Gilbert… M-May I ask you something?" You ask shyly.

He grinned as he nodded. "Sure, ask me anything!~"

You nodded, smiling, taking a deep breath.



You were sitting on the bench, looking down, with a depressed look on your face.


The word goes over your head, and it seems that your final plan has failed. What was love
ever like? Will you ever know?

Apparently Gilbert had someone else that he loved. You had no idea. You made a huge sigh.
You guess that you will never hear someone say those words to you.
If someone were to ever say those words…


An annoying noise was coming over closer to you. You looked up to see who it was. It was
just Alfred, sipping from his drink; he looks over to you, sitting down next to you.

"____, is something wrong?" He asks, throwing his drink away in the trash can nearby.

You shook your head. "N-No, nothing." You say, looking away.

"I-It's just that I always wanted to hear the words "I love you" from at least one
is that you wanted to say, but you would never had to the courage to say it.

"How does it feel, to be in love, Alfred?" You ask him.

A smile shows on his face. "Well, love is different for everyone. But I guess you can tell when you start to blush, you want to get closer to the person, and your heart starts to race!"

"Never experiencing love, how does it feel? How would it feel if a guy would say, "I love you"? Would he hold you close? Your heart starts racing.

"I-Is that so?" You say, looking at him, directly in the eyes.

Alfred blushes a bit and nods, looking a bit embarrassed. You start to blush also, and now your heart was racing. You barely just met this American, but, could it be possible that you're…

in love?

You couldn't possibly be in love with him. But, he was really cute and…

"I love you."

Those words slipped out of your mouth, you blushed darkly, as you try to hide your face with your hands.

"A-Ah.. forget what I said! I didn't say that!" You say, flustering.

Perhaps it wasn't Gilbert you were in love with, you felt nothing towards him, and you only liked him for his looks. But after meeting America, you felt close to him, perhaps this is why your heart races, and your blushes.

"Y-You do? Well… I-I love you too…"

You looked up, your eyes widen. Did you just hear that? He actually said "I love you" to you. You smiled.

"R-Really? This is the first time a guy would say this to me…" You say shyly, looking away.

Alfred only laughs as he pulls you close, into a hug.

"I'm sure you will have a great experience with me then, because I'm the hero!~" He says, laughing.

Your blush darkens as you slowly nod.

"Thank you, Alfred."
Hii ouo. It took me 2 days to make this story, I felt that the story went by a little too fast.
But, I still hope you guys will enjoy it~ ;u;
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yey america loved me back TwT
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Rejection. Had it happen and I laugh it off and shrug. 'Oh well.' Was my response. Good job! It was cute~
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-sigh- Why am i so frikkin ugly in rl?
I'll never find love, godammit, i wanna experience this so bad
i get rejections wherever i go...
TheBlueberryCat Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You'll find it. Cause love is deep from the heart. My very good friend (who is kinda hot) felt very attracted to this girl, and actually she wasn't very pretty. But when he told what about her that was beautiful, I could see it too. Now they're the happiest couple i've ever seen. Everyone is beautiful, and just be happy that if someone ever says the words "I love you" you know they mean it. But I know how you feel.
I hope you may find true love.
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